Twins... 26 years apart

Baby Crush.jpg


Crusher, my tiny angel, my precious gem, and I share a birthday: July 23rd. I am 26 years older than her. GAHHH I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!!

Part of the reason I knew Crush and I were meant to be was because we shared the same birthday. I mean, come on. 

When I was researching pets for my big move into the tiny house, I came across mini pigs. I knew that a "micro-pig" or even a "mini-pig" wasn't actually a thing. They really don't ever stay THAT small. There are rumors about having to under-feed them to keep their small size but thats a myth as well. I learned that they are perpetual three year olds: smarter and more mischievous than whats good for them and subject to spontaneous tantrums when they do not get their way. Having been a nanny all my life, this didn't scare me off. I also learned that they are EXTREMELY snuggly and develop very strong emotional attachments to their family. If I could find a small pig, that was the pet for me. 

I found a woman who breeds them. She runs a traveling petting zoo in the DC area and specializes in teeny tiny pigs, horses and donkeys. Her name is Jill and she's a very sweet lady. Her rules were simple but firm: She would not ship her pigs, you could not buy a piglet before meeting the parents of said piglet and you had to attend her hour long mini pig care class before leaving with your piglet. DONE.

Funnily enough, she was on my way down south to TN. I needed to be in TN by the 10th (if I recall correctly) and she was available for pick up just before that! I traveled down to VA the first night of travel, dumped my house at an RV lot and backtracked the next day to MD to meet her! I met her parents, fell in love (with their full grown size as well as their personalities) and then met Crushy. I almost cried when I saw her. She was just so dang cute!!! Her birth name was Candy Crush. That was even special to me because my mom's name is Kandi! No pet of mine would have such a cutesy name so Crusher it was. I attended the class, got some supplies from Jill, tucked Crush into her blanket and was on my way.

I had nothing so our first stop was Petco. Her, being brand new to being in a vehicle was NOT cool with riding in the front seat, so I had to hold her. Holding a wriggly pig while driving 95 south was harder than I had thought. But we made it to Petco, got her some supplies and I took her to her new home, the Tiny Hell on Wheels. 

She HATED me for the first 2 -3 weeks. HATED me. She cried whenever she saw me and wouldn't eat for almost two days. I held her a lot, even though it made her upset, just so she would start getting used to me. She would also SCREAM a lot. If you haven't heard a pig scream before, you're blessed. OOF. Day three or four I started carrying her around in a pet backpack and she really liked that... but she still wasn't thrilled to live with me. I honestly believe I forced her to like me... but I'm ok with that. It usually takes pigs some time to bond with their new mama. At first I was worried that I had made a huge mistake by thinking a pig was a good pet for me but after a few weeks, when she started bonding with me, I knew it was the right decision! 

More about Crusher later... believe me, I have some crazy stories about her!!!

Manic Maker

I am bi-polar. I have bouts of mania followed by bouts of depression. I am medicated and have been able to even out these changes in mood & behavior. 

Cool. Now that we've gotten that out of the way...

Currently, and for the last week or so, I have been in a manic state. I am constantly moving. Even when I try to relax, take a nap, sleep or talk to my friends I am buzzing around and have trouble focusing. Though my focus is off, I quite like these bouts of mania. I'm getting shit done and TCB!!!!!!!! 

In the last week I changed the layout of my tuff-shed, made a bag & box for Crusher on the airplane, I set up my studio to access my sewing supplies easier, I made multiple bathing suits and shirts, I worked on my empowerment, I painted my landlord's house, I worked my nanny job, I worked on my spiritual consciousness AND managed to start as Event Coordinator for TinyFest NorthWest. DANG. Dats a whole lotta shit. I'm exhausted just typing that. 

I don't sleep very much or very well during these bouts BUT I get shit done. It makes up for the amount I sleep when I'm more depressed. I'm not complaining... I could do (and have done) much worse during manic weeks so overall I think I'm doing ok. 

Only bad part is... I know depression is coming. But when................

Enter at your own risk.

I'm a very positive person. This fact doesn't mean I have a lot of negative things to say as well. I have been through a great deal of struggle, like most, and feel like I need to share my experiences with future tiny house-ers. I will be talking about my personal life and about my travels. I will be talking about my building process and how shitty building a house can be. I will *hopefully* make you laugh and cry but overall I hope to inspire. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!