Manic Maker

I am bi-polar. I have bouts of mania followed by bouts of depression. I am medicated and have been able to even out these changes in mood & behavior. 

Cool. Now that we've gotten that out of the way...

Currently, and for the last week or so, I have been in a manic state. I am constantly moving. Even when I try to relax, take a nap, sleep or talk to my friends I am buzzing around and have trouble focusing. Though my focus is off, I quite like these bouts of mania. I'm getting shit done and TCB!!!!!!!! 

In the last week I changed the layout of my tuff-shed, made a bag & box for Crusher on the airplane, I set up my studio to access my sewing supplies easier, I made multiple bathing suits and shirts, I worked on my empowerment, I painted my landlord's house, I worked my nanny job, I worked on my spiritual consciousness AND managed to start as Event Coordinator for TinyFest NorthWest. DANG. Dats a whole lotta shit. I'm exhausted just typing that. 

I don't sleep very much or very well during these bouts BUT I get shit done. It makes up for the amount I sleep when I'm more depressed. I'm not complaining... I could do (and have done) much worse during manic weeks so overall I think I'm doing ok. 

Only bad part is... I know depression is coming. But when................